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Star Wars Anakin Skywalker SITH / JEDI BELT BUNDLE - Belt - Pouches - Food Capsules - Covertec Belt Clip

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Product code:JRA 3194
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Star Wars Anakin Skywalker SITH BELT BUNDLE - Belt - Pouches - Food Capsules - Covertec Belt Clip

M   32-34 inches
  36-38 inches
  40-42 inches

1. Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Black Replica Jedi/Sith Belt

This unique and original custom-made replica Jedi/Sith Belt is exactly as worn in the films. The surface of the belt has a rugged and weathered look, thus, making it more screen accurate. The black Jedi belt is 2" wide and the center belt is 3/4" wide. The center belt is held securely in place with Velcro and metal buckle and has been permanently stitched to the base belt.

2. Star Wars Replica Leather Jedi Belt Pouches

The perfect addition to your Jedi or Sith Belt. These replica Jedi Pouches are specially made to fit onto our Jedi Belts. Very handy for your mobile phone, keys and change.

3. Star Wars Jedi or Sith Energy Food Capsules - Plastic

A great addition to your Jedi or Sith costume. These replica food capsules are specially made to fit on to any belt. This purchase supplies 4 capsules in 4 different colors, chrome, brown, silver and gold. Each Energy food capsule is 2 1/4 inches long and looks like the perfect replica. The capsules are made of plastic with a screw top.

4. Star Wars Covertec Lightsaber Belt Clip

The perfect addition to your Jedi or Sith Belt. The Covertec Belt Clip can be seen throughout the Prequel Trilogy. The clip attaches to your belt and holds your replica lightsaber hilt securely in place.

JediRobeAmerica.com are pleased to offer you this hard to find gem of an item.

This is a brilliant package at a great price, the perfect belt for any Sith Lord.

Check out our other belts in store.

M   32-34 inches
  36-38 inches
  40-42 inches

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